Group History

Group History

Precision Division of Labor, Effective Integration
Optimal Combination, Efficient Team

Paul Lin, the president of Fortune Group planted the frist tree of enterprise with his own hand in 1980. After more than 2 decades of hard work, striving, and dedication, the entprise has become a forest now, and kept growing.

Due to the trust and support of customers, the improvement of self crisis consicousness, and the prudent attitude, Fortune Group keep increasing the level of R&D ability and opening market to make product diversification. In addition to market-leading fireplace tools, Fortune Group has great achievements in stationery, household articles, garden utensils, barbecue utensils, house-cleaning utensils, real estate and biotechnology.

The Fortune Group adheres to the business philosophy of "Precision Division of Labor, Effective Integration, Optimal Combination, Efficient Team" and the creeds of "loyalty, dedication, responsibility, invotion", which enable  superior business culture, positive and healthy work attitude to be passon. This is our purpose to make sustainable operation.

In August 1980, Paul Lin, the president of Fortune Group founed Campfire $ Corp. Co., Ltd in the beautiful Changhua City, Taiwan with his perseverance and detemination, engaging in the manufacture of fireplace nets. .Thanks to the business philosophy of loyalty to customers, adherence to high quality, on-time delivery, and reasonable price, we have won the trust and support from our customers to expand Campfire & Corp. business. After years of hard work and continuous research and development efforts, the product categories have gradually increased from the original single mesh production to diversified high-end products.

After unremitting efforts and development ,and dut to the limiation and cost of Taiwan's local resources, the president decided to develop into mainland China and established the first foreign-owned enterprise in Taicang City, Jiangsu Provincd. This sows the seeds for the Group and establishs a good foundation.

Suzhou Cangqing Metal Products Co., Ltd. is the first enterprise invested by the Group in the mainland China. After more than ten years of efforts, the scale has been continuously expanded, and it is developing in the direction of equipment automation, comprehensive production and one-stop manufacture. Cangqing company has successfully achieved a steady pace for the Group in the mainland, kept extending the business scope, and expanded broader market.

By August 1999, the Group's active management mechanism was established and officially named "Fortune Group".

As of 2006, the Group has continuously expanded and established more than a dozen companies including Wujiang Hanqing Metal Products Co., Ltd., Suzhou Hongqing Property Management Co., Ltd., Real Estate Group, Suzhou Yuanyi Household Products Co., Ltd., and the enterprise group has covered the international trade., manufacturing, real estate, household goods and other diversified business models. 

Always work hard for your expectations and fight for your smile.

The bigger you are, the more beautiful you are in the future.

Fortune Group, pass on value, achieve who you are.

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