Our Vision

Our Vision

Operation and outlook


The predecessor of Fortune Group was Campfire & Corp. Co., Ltd.,  which was established on August 10, 1980.  The initial annual turnover was only about 200,000 US dollars. However, under the strong ambition of Paul Lin, the chairman of the board, the turnover grows 50%~100% each year. By 1989, the turnover has reached nearly 10 million US dollars. In 1989, the chairman insisted on directing investment in the mainland without affecting the operating conditions of the parent company in Taiwan (without occupying the manpower of the parent company, without moving the original orders and funds of the parent company). In October 1989, the first enterprise outside Taiwan was successfully established "Suzhou Cangqing Metal Products Co., Ltd." Its annual turnover increased from 150,000 US dollars to 5 million US dollars in medium-sized enterprise in three years, laying the foundation of development in the mainland. From 1993 to 2001, the Group expanded at  the rate of increasing more than two different project companies each year. It is also expanded from the original simple manufacturing industry to diversifies areas such as raw materials, real estate development, and biotechnology. The total turnover of the group has exceeded  more than 100 million US dollars in 2001.


The Fortune Group started from the hardward manufacturing industry and grew with steady step which resulted in stable strength. Feeling the pulsation of the market, the Fortuen Group considers the overall development history of the group, continuously extends the  scope, and invests the experience of vertical integration of the manufacturing industry into a diversified operation. Currently, the real estate industry has had strong strength to keep creating new success stories across China. The real estate business of Fortune Group adheres to the creed of creating luxury to build more luxurious property with unremitting efforts and professional services.

The E-process introduced by Fuqing Group has integrated the resources of the group companies to achieve higher benefits. In order to improve much better global layout and diversified operations, to lead the changing international market, to create sustainable operation, to exert endless energy, the Fortune Group have sprit of keeping improving in manufactruing, real estate, and service industries. We continuously improve all the better service that can be done for you, whether it is the production process reengineering, the optimization of service conten, or even the reorganization of the group. These are respect for every friend and customer, and the future of the Fortune Group market-leading guarantee.

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