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Group Introduction

Paul Lin , the president of Fortune Group, has been aware of the market potential of mainland China more than ten years ago and has taken an active step to shift focus to mainland China. In the past ten years, it has developed into a multinational enterprise group with more than 20 related enterprises and with more than 100 million US dollars total turnover, and about 4,000 employees.

Due to the trust and support of customers, Fortune Group's annual turnover is growing at a rate of more than 20%, and the products are developing in a diversified direction. In addition to fireplace tools, the product has been extended to stationery, garden utensils, barbecue utensils, BBQ, electric fireplaces, curtain accessories, bathroom accessories, wire products, household articles, PVC floor mats, etc. With a professional R&D team and production plant, coupled with the original solid market foundation, which greatly improves the international competitivenss of the Fortune Group.

In order to keep improving, Fortune Group pays not only much attention to R&D, but also employee training. Paul Lin, the president of the Fortune Group, believes that only by active employee training and solid market foundation can we accumulate the company's greatest assets, maintain competitive advantage at any time, and create opportunities sustainable operation.

In order to maintain the first-class production level, the Fortune Group not only invest a lot of automation equpiment but also take quality management of product seriously. In addition to the total introduction of ISO quality control policy, the Industrial Group Corp. also have quality control department, hoping to qualify our products to high-standard through strict cntrol of manufacturinng process. 

In order to strengthen the Group's innovation and research and development capabilities, we have invested heavily in the establishment of a 100-person product R&D center in Taicang, providing strong support for the full range of product R&D, enabling us to quickly respond to customer needs and give our customers product designs that are close to market demand.

In order to implement quality control policy thoroughly, we use precision automated production equipment on all lines. Besides, total qualtiy management of manufacturing process is used to ensure quality by strict inspection and test. Therefor, we not only passed ISO-9001 certification but also won ISO-14001 environmental quality certification in 1996, which is rared in metel manufacturing industry. It  fully demonstrates that Fortuen Group not only dedicates to increase capacity but also pays much attention in environmental proetction and pollution prevention.

After years of deep development and management, Fortune has laid the foundation for sustainable operation. In the future, the Fortune Group will follow our business philosophy which are Precise Division of Labor, Effective Integration to attain business diversification and expand business to another peak. 

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